Threat Level EP

by Xmas Lights

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"Opener ‘The Threat Level Is Orange’ is fifteen minutes long and not a second is wasted. The five-minute ambient industrial grind, full of soporific menace, that introduces the long gradually emerges into an almost ghostly slo-mo metal assault, packed with reigned-in aggression and a keen grasp of tension. The sound is dense, almost claustrophobic at times, three guitars, sequencers and Marco’s rasping, distorted vocals locked in combat with a hammering, incessant piano refrain. It’s like a melting pot of Earth, Tool, Trans-Am and Skinny Puppy and by the time it’s reached monolithic status around the thirteen minute mark, you’re utterly hooked on it. after that there’s the clamour and buzz of ‘Ambience of The Void’, its gothic atmospherics, with their touches of Echo and the Bunnymen’s darker moments, precipitating an avalanche of guitar fuzz. ‘The Threat Level Is Red’ revisits the epic opener, this time in a more electronic, almost Eno-ish vein, but it all points to one thing: Xmas Lights are an awesome prospect."

- Nightshift Magazine


released September 11, 2005

James Gray King - Guitar
Marco Ruggiero - Vocals
Umair Chaudhry - Vocals, keys, synths
Simon Tierney - Bass
Luke Curtis - Guitar
David McDonald - Drums




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