Treading The Fine Line

by Xmas Lights

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"There is a moment of silence and then the ceiling collapses in on you. The water tank has burst and the gibbering sprite who lives in the roof felting is loose. A fleet of lorries packed with cutlery and plutonium tumble over each other in a frenzied attempt to be the first to explode. Then in come the chanting monks and the militaristic marching beat. Hang on in there, dear reader, we’re almost halfway through the first song. That’s what’s so great about Xmas Lights – the sheer volume of stuff they can cram into a few moments of utter bleedin’ chaos. Second song in and there’s swarming spazzjazz metal, bellowing and shouting. Lots of shouting. And screaming. Lots of screaming. And more monks. It’s like Gregorian hardcore central round here. And then it all comes to a head with a full-on shouting match between frontman Marco and himself over some wildly discordant shards of guitar."

- Nightshift Magazine


released October 25, 2010

James Gray King - Guitar
Marco Ruggiero - Vocals
Umair Chaudhry - Keys / vocals
Luke Curtis - Guitar
Simon Tierney - Bass
David MacDonald - Drums




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